Fire Mitigation & Tree Service Videos

Rocky Mountain Tree Zip Line

So we may have cheated this week on the #TakedownThursday video since the tree was already on the ground, but it was too cool not to share! Check out the Splintered Forest crew's "Rocky Mountain Tree Zip Line" from a recent job site!

#TakedownThursday 5/9/16

This week's #TakedownThursday gives you the view from the crew! Check out the footage from Splintered Forest's new #GoPro camera!

#TakedownThursday 5/5/16

Check out the Splintered Forest foreman Alex as he uses an elevated drift line to remove a tree overhanging a fragile, tile roof in Evergreen!

#TakedownThursday - Masticator

Splintered Forest gets the question all the time, what happens to the branches after the tree is removed? Well ... on many projects the crew brings in the masticator to quickly chip all the debris. Check out this edition of #TakedownThursday, after the removal.

Splintered Forest's Crane - #TakedownThursday

Video of the team from Splintered Forest performing close structure tree removal. Demonstrating tree climbing, close structure removal and precision tree felling. Check out how much the tree jumps when topped. That's 35 feet in the air and a great reason to leave this type of removal to our trained professionals. 

Splintered Forest Tree Removal

The crew at Splintered Forest Tree Services recently removed a very large tree from a property in Bailey, Colorado.

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