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Tree Service Denver Offers Fire Mitigation Benefits

May 7, 2019

Wildfires are becoming increasingly more prevalent, especially in Colorado and all along the west coast of the United States. For these reasons, both home and business owners should be taking the necessary steps to ensure their properties are protected in the event of a forest fire emergency.

Fire mitigation is one of the best methods of protection. Preventative steps necessary to give your home or business a fighting chance in the occurrence of a threatening fire. By ensuring you have taken precautionary steps in order to ensure the protection of your property allows you to not second guess your decision making if a fire does provide an immediate threat.

In fact, insurance companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the dangers associated with forest fires and property locations. As a result, certain companies are issuing letters to homeowners in certain areas stating fire mitigation and insurance compliance options. Owners must then take appropriate steps to keep their property insurable based on the risk for fire associated to their property.

An article in the Colorado Springs Gazette following the Waldo Canyon Fire and Black Forest Fire in 2012 and 2013, respectively, focuses on fire mitigation yielding unlimited benefits. No one can predict where the next wildfire will begin, but it remains up to the homeowner to protect their property.

Fire mitigation not only gives your home, business or structure a fighting chance against the elements associated with wildfire, but it also allows protective services an area to operate and execute the resources available to them.

By implementing professional fire mitigation practices, you can not only aid in the protection of your personal property, but in the efforts to extinguish the blaze by allowing firemen and those responsible for the containment of fire safe zones in which to work, gather and operate.

The National Fire Protection Agency and Firewise USA offers tips for preparing a home as wildfire season approaches. Some basic principles to be considered are listed below:
  1. Remove branches overhanging the roof of a structure
  2. Clear the property of dead leaves, especially piles
  3. Keep grass manicured, mowed and properly maintained
  4. Prune shrubs to remove excess foliage
  5. Clear the roof and gutters of leaves
  6. Remove low hanging tree branches close to the ground

If you have received a letter from an insurance company requesting fire mitigation efforts be enforced to maintain insurance or get ahead of the game and take some preventative maintenance steps for protection. If desired,
let our certified professional's help with any and all of your immediate tree removal, trimming and fire mitigation needs.

The experts at Splintered Forest are happy to provide you a free estimate for any of their wide variety of services and can even assist with multiple of ways for hauling and the disposal of your unwanted property. With over ten years of professional experience, they can assist with any tree issue you encounter. Contact us for any and all of your fire mitigation and tree care needs!