Tree Removal Services

Close Structure Removal & Selective Thinning

Close Structure Removal: These are some of the most hazardous removals and where precision and getting it right the first time is imperative. We have a highly trained and experienced crew that is capable of technical felling along with climbing services for those especially tough trees. We are fully licensed and insured against both property damage and for Workmen's Compensation for your peace of mind. Our crew has the experience and the expertise to remove highly technical trees that have no drop zone such as trees through decks, overhanging houses or within fenced enclosures.

Selective Thinning: We first select the dead, diseased and dying trees for removal. It is only then that we begin selecting healthier trees that are in need of removal. It is never our intent to “clear cut” a property, but rather to work with the property owner to ensure that their land is both properly mitigated and aesthetically pleasing.  

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