No Parking Information

To safely and efficiently complete some projects we sometimes need to designate a no parking area. If this is determined to be necessary, you will see no parking signs placed along lawn edges or in the street.

Frequently Asked Questions

I saw one of Splintered Forest’s no parking signs, what do I need to do?Open

Splintered Forest has placed the no parking signs to designate the work area needed for an upcoming project. We kindly ask that you avoid placing anything (cars, trailers, trash cans, etc) in this area during the listed times to avoid any complications in completing the project and to avoid the need for towing.

How far in advance are no parking signs placed?Open

These signs are placed anywhere from 24-72 hours prior to the job commencing to give area residents time to plan alternative parking arrangements. Please note the dates listed on the sign for when the work at that property will be completed.

When does the Splintered Forest crew arrive at the jobsite?Open

Splintered Forest crews arrive as early as 7AM and immediately begin setting up equipment in the designated areas. We ask that belongings are removed by this time or ideally the evening before to avoid complications.

When will the signs be removed?Open

The no parking signs will be removed immediately following the completion of the project.

What if the vehicle is parked in the designated no parking area when the Splintered Forest crew arrives?Open

If we are unable to quickly identify the vehicles (or any other items) owner, we unfortunately will need to call to have the item towed/removed at the owner's expense.