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Treemek Removing Large Siberian Elm Tree (Aerial Footage) at The Melting Pot

Check out Splintered Forest’s knuckleboom crane removing a large Siberian Elm Tree overhanging The Melting Pot’s roof in Littleton, Colorado! Drone footage captured with a DJI Inspire 1.

#TakedownThursday at The Melting Pot

The Splintered Forest crew removed a large, Siberian Elm overhanging the patio at The Melting Pot in Littleton, CO. This tree was deemed hazardous due to branches falling onto tables on the patio.

#TakedownThursday – 10.20.2016

Check out the Splintered Forest treemek taking down a tree in Arvada, Colorado!

#TakedownThursday – Treemek Removal

Tree removal with Splintered Forest’s knuckle boom crane in Littleton, Colorado!

Splintered Forest’s Crane – #TakedownThursday

Check out Splintered Forest’s crew and their knuckle boom crane take down a tree in Evergreen, Colorado quickly and safely! Call 303-819-9840 for a free estimate for your next tree removal or lifting project!

#TakedownThursday – September 29, 2016

Check out the latest #TakedownThursday from Splintered Forest’s treemek in Evergreen, Colorado!

Rocky Mountain Tree Zip Line

So we may have cheated this week on the #TakedownThursday video since the tree was already on the ground, but it was too cool not to share! Check out the Splintered Forest crew’s “Rocky Mountain Tree Zip Line” from a recent job site!

#TakedownThursday – Masticator

Splintered Forest gets the question all the time, what happens to the branches after the tree is removed? Well … on many projects the crew brings in the masticator to quickly chip all the debris. Check out this edition of #TakedownThursday, after the removal.

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