Tree Services for Solar Panel Installation

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Tree Services for Solar Panel Installation

Have you decided to take the next step to making your home more eco-friendly and save some money in the process? Looking to have solar panels installed, but worried your trees might be a hindrance?

The Splintered Forest team can help you determine your options and work to build a plan for your trees prior to your panel installation!

We Make it Easy...

Step 1

Schedule a time for a Splintered Forest estimator (also an ISA Certified Arborist) to come walk your property. This will give them the chance to assess the overall health of your trees, point out any tree that might shows signs of disease/decay and make suggestions for services that will aide in making sure your panels are as effective as possible!

Step 2

After assessing your property, the Splintered Forest estimator will provide you a written estimate outlining all the proposed work to the email address provided. Prefer a physical copy? No problem, just be sure to request a mailed copy when scheduling your estimate.

Step 3

After receiving your estimate, our dedicated administrative team is available to help. Have questions? No problem, give us a call and we are happy to talk through the specifics of your project. Ready to accept your estimate? Great! There is a link provided at the top of your estimate to electronically accept and a scheduler will be in contact with potential dates for your project.

Step 4

After the project is completed, invoicing can usually be handled one of two ways:

  • Option One: We can provide you an invoice detailing the completed work to your email. Splintered Forest accepts cash, check and all major credit cards (and no processing fees)!
  • Option Two: Some solar companies will allow Splintered Forest to bill them directly for the services and can bundle the tree services into your financing agreement. Have a solar company chosen already? Check with them to see if they offer this option. Haven’t decided who you will use? Contact Splintered Forest for a list of companies that we have established a financing agreement with.







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Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Reduce or eliminate energy bills

Adds value to your home

Get a tax credit and rebate*

Helps save the planet


* Splintered Forest cannot guarantee what types of credits or rebates you may be eligible to receive. More information can be found on or by consulting your tax professional.