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Treemek Removing Large Siberian Elm Tree (Aerial Footage) at The Melting Pot

Check out Splintered Forest's knuckleboom crane removing a large Siberian Elm Tree overhanging The Melting Pot's roof in Littleton, Colorado! Drone footage captured with a DJI Inspire 1.

#TakedownThursday at The Melting Pot

The Splintered Forest crew removed a large, Siberian Elm overhanging the patio at The Melting Pot in Littleton, CO. This tree was deemed hazardous due to branches falling onto tables on the patio.

#TakedownThursday - 10.20.2016

Check out the Splintered Forest treemek taking down a tree in Arvada, Colorado!

#TakedownThursday - Treemek Removal

Tree removal with Splintered Forest's knuckle boom crane in Littleton, Colorado!

Splintered Forest’s Crane - #TakedownThursday

Check out Splintered Forest's crew and their knuckle boom crane take down a tree in Evergreen, Colorado quickly and safely! Call 303-819-9840 for a free estimate for your next tree removal or lifting project!

#TakedownThursday - September 29, 2016

Check out the latest #TakedownThursday from Splintered Forest's treemek in Evergreen, Colorado!

Rocky Mountain Tree Zip Line

So we may have cheated this week on the #TakedownThursday video since the tree was already on the ground, but it was too cool not to share! Check out the Splintered Forest crew's "Rocky Mountain Tree Zip Line" from a recent job site!

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#TakedownThursday - Masticator

Splintered Forest gets the question all the time, what happens to the branches after the tree is removed? Well ... on many projects the crew brings in the masticator to quickly chip all the debris. Check out this edition of #TakedownThursday, after the removal.