Boulder Tree Services Tip: Create Defensible Spaces to Prevent Wildfires

September 7, 2016

forest fire

Do you have a defensible space around your home? A defensible space is one that has been modified to reduce the risk of a fire. Having one of these in place reduces the risk of a fire spreading to neighboring homes or to the wooded areas around your home. It also gives firefighters the room they need to efficiently fight a fire. Learn more about how you can protect your home, property and forest from a wildfire.

Now that you know what a defensible space is, do you know how to create one? Follow these tips:

Keep the gutters clear.
Boulder tree services companies recommend that Colorado homeowners clean their gutters at least twice a year. Debris such as pine needles and leaves can act as a fire ignition source, especially when it is hot and dry outside. Grab a ladder—and a buddy to hold your ladder steady—and check your gutters on a regular basis. Remove any large pieces of debris by hand, and then flush whatever remains with a hose.

Keep firewood away.
Many Boulder homeowners have a stack of firewood outside their homes, but this is a mistake. Instead of keeping this firewood right by your house, move it so it is at least 30 feet away. Whatever you do, do not stack firewood underneath your deck or porch area. This may lead the fire to grow underneath your home and cause major structural damage.

Call a Boulder tree services company.
The defensible space should measure to be about 100 feet around your home. Walk around the perimeter of your home and see if you notice any unhealthy vegetation within this 100 feet. Look for signs of diseased or drying trees, branches, or shrubs, and if you spot any, call a Boulder tree services company immediately. If a fire does ignite near your home, this dying vegetation can be a potential fuel source.

While you have a professional at your house, ask him to remove or trim any branches that are getting too close to your roof, especially if they are within 10-15 feet of your chimney. This is another fire hazard, so homeowners have to keep an eye on how close trees are growing to the house. Eliminate all of these risks by having a tree services professional come to your home and remove anything that is putting you and your family in danger.

Maintain the lawn.

Cut your grass frequently so the blades do not grow above six inches within at least 30 feet from your house, shed, or any other structures. The shorter your grass is, the less of a fire risk it poses to you and your family.

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