How to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

December 9, 2023

stacked christams trees how to make christmas trees last longer

Many people like to put out their Christmas trees as early as possible, but if you don’t have a fake tree, that means trying all the tips and tricks to keep a real tree alive.

If properly cared for, a Christmas tree can last for weeks, but it all starts with where you buy it or cut it. The best method for retrieval is to cut the tree yourself a few weeks before Christmas. This isn’t always possible, though, so if choosing a pre-cut tree, make sure it was cut recently.

Test the Freshness of a Pre-cut Christmas Tree:

Brush your hand across the needles to see how many fall off and how soft and flexible they are. If the needles fall off with a simple brush of your hand, you know that it has been a while since the tree has been cut. A good tree will have flexible needles that don’t fall off and will have a decent weight to it, meaning it hasn’t lost all of its water yet.

Prepare Your Tree so That it Lasts with a Clean Straight Cut:

The second step is to make sure the cut on your tree is clean and flat. A clean, flat surface will allow the vascular system to pull water up from the tree stand. This also helps to remove any dirt or hardened sap that could have found its way onto the bottom.

Prevent Home Locations That Are Drying Your Christmas Tree Out:

Placement of your tree is also key. Don’t put your tree near air vents or heat sources that can cause water to evaporate from the needles unnecessarily. The south-facing window morning sunlight will certainly dry out your tree faster.

Watering Your Tree:

Make sure to continually refill the tree stand with water to keep the tree from running out. Some folks say that with a fresh, straight cut and a long overnight soak in a 5-gallon filled with water before bringing the tree inside will set your tree up to last weeks longer.

What to Add to Water to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer?

There is a myth that adding Coke, 7Up, sugar, corn syrup, honey, vodka, or crushed aspirin to water will ‘feed’ the tree. This is indeed a myth and can actually kill your tree. Stick with fresh cold water and refill the stand everyday, holding one finger in the stand to prevent overflowing the basin.

Lastly, always remember to dispose of your tree when needles start excessively dropping. A dry tree can be a fire hazard!


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