Reasons Why Dead Tree Removal in Denver is So Important

July 7, 2017

dead tree branches

When the trees in your lawn are alive, they can make your entire home look more beautiful. But, when trees begin to die, it is imperative that they are removed right away. Why is dead tree removal in Denver so important? Here are some of the many reasons:


The most obvious reason to remove dead trees from your lawn is because they are an eyesore. Dead trees don’t have the same majestic elegance that living trees do. Having a dead tree in your lawn could distract from the rest of your beautiful landscaping, so it’s best to remove it immediately to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Potential Dangers

On top of being unattractive, a dead tree can also be dangerous. The branches of a dead tree will begin to weaken over time, which means even a small gust of wind could cause one of the branches to come loose and fall onto your home or car. Even worse, one of these branches could fall and hurt someone who is on your property.

The branches aren’t the only thing that can fall—the entire tree is actually at risk of toppling over once it begins to die. As a tree dies, the inside of it begins to decompose, which weakens the trunk and makes the entire tree less stable. Eventually, the trunk will become so weak that it will crack at the base of the tree and fall onto its side. If a tree’s branch could damage your property or injure someone, imagine what could happen if the entire tree fell down. Because of this, it’s best to have dead trees removed as soon as possible.


Rodents, termites, and other pesky creatures may make themselves at home inside a dead tree. Once they’re inside the dead tree, they can easily travel the short distance to your home. If you don’t want to deal with an infestation of rodents or bugs, get rid of dead trees as soon as you spot them in your lawn.

Tree Diseases

Do you know why the tree died? If the tree was affected by a disease, it’s even more important to remove it right away. Why? Tree diseases, just like many diseases that affect humans, are contagious and can be transferred from tree-to-tree. If you don’t remove the dead tree, the disease that killed it could slowly infect other trees throughout your lawn. This means you will have to spend more on removing all of the infected trees and updating your landscaping, so act quickly to avoid these extra costs. Read this guide to infectious tree diseases for more information.

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