Using a Crane for Tree Removal in Denver

January 12, 2016

Using a Crane for Tree Removal in Denver

When it comes to tree removal in Denver and throughout the Colorado region, cranes can provide some much needed ease in the process. It can be impossible to properly trim a tree without a crane, but there are some types which actually offer higher degrees of safety for the individuals performing the job. Generally, most homeowners would imagine a cherry-picker type of crane configuration, but are not familiar with alternatives like Gerasimek’s Tree-mek.

What is a Tree-Mek?

Safety is paramount for tree removal, and it is a notoriously dangerous industry for those performing the work. Gerasimek’s Tree-mek eliminates a lot of these issues by offering a crane and tree removal option which eliminates the need for an individual up in the air. This type of crane is operated completely from the ground – using a remote control. This unique tool offers a higher degree of safety for this reason, and also helps keep cleanup necessities to a minimum.

How Does the Tree-Mek Function?

At the top of the crane arm, the Tree-mek has a saw which can latch onto the tree and cut through extremely quickly. Once the saw is attached to the tree, it also alleviates the concern of falling tree parts, as it holds onto the now unattached portion and allows you to safely lower it to the ground. With the sometimes unpredictable falling of tree branches or portions of the trunk, having control over when and where things end on the ground makes the process much less risky in terms of potential damage to your property.

Other than the obvious increase in safety precautions, another added benefit of tree removal using the Tree-mek is the options and opportunity for getting into hard to reach areas of the tree. The maneuvering and rotation of the saw allow us to wirelessly manipulate things into specific formations and make more accurate cuts.

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

It can be difficult for homeowners to know or catch warning signs of trees which require removal, so it is always better to check in with a professional tree service company before making any moves. Generally, trees need to be removed due to property or infrastructure damage, disease, or posing potential threat in the future. Let the experts make the ultimate decision if you are considering tree removal on your property – they will be able to identify the need as well as follow all guidelines laid out by the state or city to ensure you abide by the laws in place.

Have additional questions about your specific scenario? Our team of professionals can assist in determining the best course of action for you and your property. We provide a range of services, from full tree removal to trimming or stump grinding. Utilize the expertise of one of Colorado’s most trusted tree services. Splintered Forest is a leading tree services company based in Evergreen, Colorado that is committed to providing the best service in the industry. Give us a call at 303.819.9840 or contact us now.