What you need to know about EAB injections

August 8, 2023

green shiny emerald ash borer invasive beetle insect species, named for this because they kill ash trees by laying eggs and boring into the bark

Emerald ash borer (commonly referred to as EAB) is an insect that was introduced to North America in the 1990s (native to Asia).  Due to the millions of ash trees that EAB has killed, it is now considered the most destructive tree insect pest in North America according to the Colorado State Forest Service. 

Specifically in Colorado, EAB has been confirmed in Boulder and the surrounding cities including Longmont, Lyons, Lafayette, Superior, Broomfield, Erie, Westminster and Thornton.  EAB has also been confirmed in Arvada and in June of 2023 detected in both Littleton and Carbondale, Colorado. 

One way to help protect your ash tree is with an EAB injection.  Continue reading for a breakdown of what you need to know about EAB injections:


An injection of a targeted pesticide into the base of the trunk of a tree can provide up to two years of protection from pests. In the case of ash trees, the injections can protect your tree from Emerald ash borer (EAB) and Lilac ash borer. The vascular system of the tree pulls the pesticide up the tree into the canopy and causes any larvae that consume the treated tissue to die. 


Preventative injections can protect your tree and property from damage. A tree infested with either of these borers can suffer from vascular damage that will lead to dieback in the upper canopy. This damage can also weaken the tree and make it easier to break in wind or with snow weight. In addition to saving money in damages, by preventing the tree from dying you can save money by not having to remove any trees on your property. Dead trees pose a serious risk to the public and can be costly to remove due to their weakened and damaged structure.


Injections for Emerald ash borer are most effective when applied to a tree before an infestation has taken place. Damage by the larvae is irreversible and the pest is highly aggressive and can cause death after as little as two years. In the case of a suspected infestation, it is best to have your tree inspected by an arborist as soon as possible. 

Splintered Forest has a team of plant health care professionals available to help protect your ash trees from EAB.  If you are concerned about your ash trees, take action and contact our team today to discuss treatment options! 

What you need to know about EAB injections | Image Source: Colorado State Forest Service | Learn More at What is EAB.