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Wood Chip Delivery in Denver, Colorado

Wood chips are an essential component of many gardening and landscaping projects. They serve a variety of purposes, such as weed suppression, moisture retention, and soil improvement. However, obtaining the right wood chips in a timely manner can be a challenge. Learn more about wood chip delivery service from Splintered Forest.

The Wood Chip Delivery Process is Simple:

Step #1  Fill out our contact form and provide as much detail as possible including the amount of material you would like, any types of trees you aren’t willing to accept, how many loads you would like and photos/description of the drop off spot.

Step #2  Prepare the drop off point keeping in mind the area must be easily accessible for our crew members and trucks.  Selected locations must be on the homeowners property (not along roadways) and free of any hazards that might block our trucks from entering the space like overhead power lines.  Be sure the ground is clear of any tools, children’s toys or other outdoor items so they don’t get covered by the chips. 

Step #3  Wait for our call!  The Splintered Forest crew will do our best to deliver the wood chips as quickly as possible, but delivery is based solely on availability and your property’s proximity to our scheduled work sites.

Delivery Loads are Approximately 20-30 Cubic Yards of Chipped Material

Please Note: Our wood chips are a natural product created by our equipment and do not undergo extensive processing like decorative mulch products purchased from home improvement stores. Size, color and wood types will all vary by load.

free delivery of wood chips from Splintered Forest of Colorado

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    Wood chips play a crucial role in gardening and landscaping. They act as a protective barrier against weeds, reducing the need for harmful chemical herbicides. Additionally, wood chips help regulate soil temperature, preventing rapid fluctuations that can harm plant growth. They also aid in retaining moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering. Moreover, wood chips break down slowly, gradually releasing essential nutrients into the soil, improving its fertility in the long run.


    Wood Chips ‘Compost in Place.’


    The benefits of wood chip mulch is that plants reap the benefits from nutrients found in the wood, nutrients that are usually lost in the process of raking and removing leaves. With the increasing popularity of sustainable gardening practices, timely delivery is crucial to ensure that gardeners and landscapers can complete their projects on schedule. Schedule ahead of time with Splintered Forest for wood chip delivery.


    The Role of Wood Chips in Gardening and Landscaping

    Wood chips act as a natural mulch that helps suppress weed growth by blocking sunlight and hindering weed seed germination. This saves gardeners and landscapers valuable time and effort, as they don’t have to constantly battle with unwanted vegetation. Moreover, wood chips provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, enhancing the overall appeal of an outdoor space. Wood chips help retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation. This is especially beneficial in arid regions or during periods of drought. By minimizing water loss, wood chips help plants stay hydrated, promoting healthy growth and reducing the need for excessive watering. 

    wood chips for gardening and landscaping Denver Colorado

    Additionally, as wood chips break down slowly, they enrich the soil with organic matter. This process enhances soil structure, improves nutrient availability, and encourages beneficial microbial activity. Over time, wood chips contribute to the long-term fertility of the soil. Wood chips provide a natural habitat for beneficial insects and organisms. These organisms help control pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. By creating a balanced ecosystem, wood chips support biodiversity and promote a healthier environment for plants to thrive.

    Wood chips also act as insulation for plant roots, protecting them from extreme temperatures. In colder climates, wood chips provide a layer of insulation, preventing frost damage to the roots. In warmer climates, they help keep the soil cool, preventing heat stress on plants. Wood chips can help prevent soil erosion. When heavy rain or wind occurs, the wood chips act as a barrier, preventing the topsoil from being washed away. This helps maintain the integrity of the garden or landscape, preserving its beauty and functionality.


    Why Timely Delivery Matters

    Timely delivery of wood chips is crucial for gardeners and landscapers who rely on them to complete their projects. Delays in delivery can result in setbacks, affecting planting schedules and overall project timelines. Without the necessary wood chips on hand, gardening and landscaping plans may be interrupted, leading to frustration and potentially compromising the success of the project.

    Plants require a stable environment to thrive. They are highly sensitive to changes in moisture levels, sunlight exposure, and temperature. Delayed delivery of wood chips can disrupt these factors, potentially impacting plant health and growth. To ensure optimal conditions for plant growth, it is essential to receive wood chip deliveries on time.

    Timely delivery allows gardeners and landscapers to efficiently plan and allocate resources. When wood chips arrive as scheduled, they can be incorporated into the project seamlessly, avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring a smooth workflow.


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