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Denver Tree Services Include Storm Cleanup

November 28, 2017

As winter temperatures continue to drop, the more potential for storm damage shows on the horizon. Not only will these bothersome elements interrupt outdoor plans, force some early morning shoveling, and make for increasingly dangerous commutes - the storms can also cause damage to property depending on the severity. A combination of hard rains, hail, or snowfall softening the soil with strong winds can lead to downed trees both in and outside the city. Limbs and branches often become dislodged and weight plays a factor as well. If you happen to be the unfortunate victim of storm damage, Splintered Forest, a certified Denver tree service organization can help.


Not only can any degree of snowfall cause damage - especially combined with strong winds and large hail - but Denver's heavier winter snow falls can do a lot of damage to your trees. The weight of the snow can easily bring down limbs and some branches or cause damage to a tree’s trunk structure.

Regardless of the cause, if you suspect damage the best thing is to receive a professional opinion on the necessary steps. The Splintered Forest crew can assist in evaluating and assessing possible damage while providing knowledgeable procedures for the next steps moving forward. Take a look at the branches of your trees and what sits beneath them. If you aren't sure if the branch could support a lot of weight, or if it is situated above your home, garage, or car, you should take preventative actions and call Splintered Forest's crew.


Whether the result is a mess of limbs, a few branches, or an entire tree - removal is made easier when professional help is available. Safety is extremely important and no home or business owner should risk their own health or causing further damage depending on each unique situation.


The Colorado State Forest Service offers some important tips to consider when hiring a tree contractor in their Storm Damage Quick Guide.

• Make sure they are part of an established business in the community with a listing in the phone book, usually under ‘Tree Service.’
• Ask to see current certificates of insurance showing that they are fully insured for property damage, personal liability and workers compensation.
• If possible, get more than one estimate to ensure that the price is competitive with that offered by others for the same services.
• In the case of tree removals, have a clear understanding about who removes the limbs and debris from the property, and whether the price includes stump removal and clean up.”

Businesses or groups should also be accredited by one or more of the following: American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), or the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).


If you are approaching the situation after damage has been assessed, an ultimate decision regarding the future of a damaged tree will be taken into account. Trees will either be kept, trimmed or pruned, put on hold to assess the severity of damage over time, or be removed completely.

Don’t be fooled by door-to-door salespeople armed with only a chainsaw expecting to profit from nature’s wrath. Let the certified professionals at Splintered Forest help with your tree and debris removal needs before they become a larger issue. The experts at Splintered Forest will be happy to provide you a free estimate for their services and can assist in a variety of ways. With offices in Denver and Evergreen, contact us today for any and all of your tree care needs. Submit photos of your trees online through our free virtual estimate to get an idea of how safe your space is. 

Common Reasons for Tree Trimming in Denver

October 24, 2017

Trees serve a variety of purposes depending on their location, maturity and upkeep. For many reasons they are often considered either beneficial or hazardous based on their current state. Good upkeep of the trees on one’s land can serve the owner for years to come but improper maintenance can cause detrimental circumstances. For these reasons proper tree trimming needs to take place on a consistent basis.

Ensuring the overall quality of the tree and reducing the risk of breaking limbs, tree trimming can provide a variety of benefits. Further consideration will limit falls and other hazards during inclement weather. Making certain that those trees looming near buildings, roadways and fences are both safe and strong is extremely important.

Following are some common reasons to incorporate a strategy for proper tree trimming when a situation arises.


One of the most common reasons for thinning a tree's structure is based solely on appearance purposes. Landowners may wish to open up a particular area for more natural light or clear a view by trimming trees that are current obstructions.

Depending on the type of tree and usefulness, trimming can be beneficial by creating a more pleasing and desired appearance. For example, if using trees to provide a border or cover unsightly objects, trimming can help formulate a more uniform look to the property or landscape.


A less used reason but one that is just as important is for the overall health of the tree. Thinning the tree can result in increased air flow and sun exposure benefitting tree health. By extending the life of a tree its’ natural instinct and usefulness can be capitalized.

Often if a tree becomes the subject of disease or hazard, trimming can help alleviate any issues. For mature trees these diseases often only inhabit a portion of the entire unit and can be saved by eliminating only the diseased portion.

New trees should also be trimmed regularly to help manage the tree shape as it matures. Early consideration for a tree's’ health will be beneficial down the road.


Fruit trees need proper care in order to maintain a productive crop. As time passes if fruit trees are not cared for properly their crop production will decline considerably. However, proper tree trimming will allow for a bountiful harvest year after year. Learn more about training and pruning fruit trees.


Trees can be extremely dangerous under certain circumstances. Those trees that become overgrown, blocking views at intersections or on highways need to be given special consideration. By trimming these back proper sightlines will be maintained.

Further, trimming can help eliminate dead branches that may fall causing damage to the surrounding areas. If a tree is causing imminent danger, immediate care should be applied.

Take a look around your property and then let the professionals at Splintered Forest help with your tree trimming needs. The experts at Splintered Forest will be happy to provide you a free
estimate for their services and can assist in a variety of ways. With offices in Denver and Evergreen, contact us today for your tree needs.

Stump Grinding Advantages with Denver Tree Services

September 27, 2017

Property views, whether from inside or as curb appeal, can quickly become unsightly if leftover tree stumps litter the yard. Trees are often felled for a variety of reasons and more often than not, the stump remnants are left to provide an immediate eye sore.
Not only will tree stumps cause immediate visual animosity but expect those feelings of contempt to only increase as weeds inevitably grow from among the former tree. Also, stumps produce tripping hazards for anyone enjoying the lawn while taking up necessary space.
Further, a new close to the ground environment has now been created for insects and other wildlife (i.e. snakes) to enjoy. The best idea is to get rid of such a damaging component in your yard immediately, but how?
Professional stump grinding provides the ultimate solution.


Do-it-yourself methods of removing tree stumps, even small ones, require some type of cost. An individual must either rent or purchase the tools necessary for removal in addition to any chemicals being administered.
Further, the time involved with most at-home methods expands the course of at least a month with no proven guarantee of even ridding the landscape of the desired stump. All of these in essence are associated in the cost of personal removal, not to mention the manual labor component - a totally separate subject.
Professional removal takes place quickly for one price with no assistance needed from the landowner. All things considered, knowing a one-stop-shop price for complete removal is an extremely more cost effective method for ridding your yard of any stumps.


Another area of concern versus personal removal revolves around safety. Even if an individual owns or can rent the necessary tools for ridding a yard of an unsightly stump, will he or she receive appropriate training? Are they also provided the recommended safety equipment? Will they use it?
Call a professional instead of taking matters into your own hands and jeopardizing the safety of you and your family. Professionally trained and outfitted with the proper safety gear, making the phone call is an easy decision when considering the dangers of tree removal.


Stump grinding produces a mulched component which can easily be repurposed anywhere on site. Instead of buying (another cost effective component) new mulch, let the process of stump disposal create a fresh ground covering provided by your own land.


Other methods of tree stump removal produce holes where the stump was originally located. Extra dirt must then be added to generate a useable surface without also beginning the remnants of another potential trip hazard on site.
Professional removal requires no extra soil or dirt and the memory of a stump will be all that remains.
If unsightly tree stumps are causing problems on your property then let the professionals at Splintered Forest help with your removal needs. The experts at Splintered Forest will be happy to provide you a free estimate for their services and can assist in a variety of ways. With offices in Denver and Evergreen, contact us today for any and all of your tree needs.

Reasons Why Dead Tree Removal in Denver is So Important

July 7, 2017

When the trees in your lawn are alive, they can make your entire home look more beautiful. But, when trees begin to die, it is imperative that they are removed right away. Why is dead tree removal in Denver so important? Here are some of the many reasons:


The most obvious reason to remove dead trees from your lawn is because they are an eyesore. Dead trees don’t have the same majestic elegance that living trees do. Having a dead tree in your lawn could distract from the rest of your beautiful landscaping, so it’s best to remove it immediately to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Potential Dangers

On top of being unattractive, a dead tree can also be dangerous. The branches of a dead tree will begin to weaken over time, which means even a small gust of wind could cause one of the branches to come loose and fall onto your home or car. Even worse, one of these branches could fall and hurt someone who is on your property. 
The branches aren’t the only thing that can fall—the entire tree is actually at risk of toppling over once it begins to die. As a tree dies, the inside of it begins to decompose, which weakens the trunk and makes the entire tree less stable. Eventually, the trunk will become so weak that it will crack at the base of the tree and fall onto its side. If a tree’s branch could damage your property or injure someone, imagine what could happen if the entire tree fell down. Because of this, it’s best to have dead trees removed as soon as possible.


Rodents, termites, and other pesky creatures may make themselves at home inside a dead tree. Once they’re inside the dead tree, they can easily travel the short distance to your home. If you don’t want to deal with an infestation of rodents or bugs, get rid of dead trees as soon as you spot them in your lawn.

Tree Diseases

Do you know why the tree died? If the tree was affected by a disease, it’s even more important to remove it right away. Why? Tree diseases, just like many diseases that affect humans, are contagious and can be transferred from tree-to-tree. If you don’t remove the dead tree, the disease that killed it could slowly infect other trees throughout your lawn. This means you will have to spend more on removing all of the infected trees and updating your landscaping, so act quickly to avoid these extra costs. Read this guide to infectious tree diseases for more information.
Do you need a tree removed from your yard? Splintered Forest is a leading tree service company proudly serving residents in the Denver Metro Area and neighboring communities. The crew includes ISA Certified Arborists, former firefighters, experienced tree climbers and expert tree fellers that strive to offer our customers the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate.

Tree Removal in Denver and Ideas to Repurpose Wood in Your Home

April 26, 2017

There are many reasons you may need to have a tree removed. At times, diseased or dying trees will need to be removed to ensure there is no damage to the house itself. Also, there are safety issues involved and otherwise perfect trees must be removed. If you must remove trees around your home, consider repurposing wood! You could use it in a variety of ways from furniture to shelving and keep elements of your once tall trees in your Denver home.

Table and Chairs

Transforming and repurposing old wood into a table is a fantastic way to add a custom style in your home. Depending on the style of your home, you can make or have a table made to fit. For farmhouse or traditional homes, consider a table made completely of wood. Create a long wooden table paired with a gorgeous color stain that helps it fit with other colors in the room. For modern or contemporary homes, consider a wood top with a metal or pipe bottom and legs. This unique style will stand out and provide flair to your home. Pair it with a pair of custom made wooden chairs. In addition to chairs, consider making wooden stools of your repurposed wood, or add a bench on one side of your table.  Have a large backyard? Consider adding a picnic table or chairs made from your old tree’s wood!

Cabinets and Shelving

Can you ever have enough storage space? Repurposing wood as a cabinet or shelf is a great addition to your home! Plus, you will have complete control and can build or have something build perfectly for an area. For instance, choose a corner cabinet to store dishes, essentials, supplies and more. Once it is built, you can add a stain to it, or paint it a color that matches other elements of the room. Next, wood shelving is a very durable option. From thick to thin shelves, you can really have fun and play with some great ideas that look great in any room. You can also put wood shelves on a grid system or using metal or steel pieces to mount them on the wall.

Bedroom Furniture

Use your reclaimed wood to transform your bedroom. Many love the way a wooden structure looks. However, that is not your only option! You can complement your current bedroom arrangement with a wooden headboard. There are so many options to customize a headboard. The wood can also be great to customize nightstands that are connected to your bed or stand-alone. Wood can also create a gorgeous vanity or dresser for essentials or a way to help you get ready in the morning.

Need some inspiration? Check out Country Living’s 22 Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects for Your Home

If you suspect that you have trees that need to be removed, Splintered Forest can help! Let our crew create a safe and aesthetically pleasing area around your home - we can even remove trees right next to your home or a structure! Look through our tree trimming and removal photo gallery and give us a call at 303-819-9840 for a free estimate.