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Guide to Fruit Trees in Colorado

Fruit trees can be a valuable part of any landscape. Whether it’s for their fruit or just their flowers it is important to care for your trees to make sure they are around for years to come.   PRUNING Pruning […]

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Managing Mountain Pine Beetles with Denver Tree Service

People from all across the country come to Denver because of the scenic views and lush forests, but unfortunately, a great deal of the forests in the area are being destroyed by mountain pine beetles. Do you have mountain pine […]

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Growth Regulators

Growth regulators are a class of chemicals that cause hormonal changes in plants. The resulting change in hormones can cause the tree to grow in a different manner than if left untreated which results in a regulated growth pattern which […]

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Pruning Trees in Winter in Colorado

  Pruning trees is an important part of maintaining the health and appearance of your landscape, but it is important to take certain precautions when pruning in the winter months. Cold temperatures, ice, and snow can all make tree pruning […]

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Property Line Tree Disputes and How to Handle or Avoid Them

Many homeowners want to have mature trees on their property. They provide shade, they are pretty to look at, help provide cleaner air in your surroundings, and provide some natural beauty. The downside of trees is that they can get […]

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Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Christmas Tree To Last | Splintered Forest Tree Services

  ‘Tis the season for holiday festivities and Christmas trees!  In order to maximize the enjoyment time, many families like to put out their Christmas trees as early as possible, but if you don’t have a fake tree that means trying […]

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How to Identify Ash Trees

Ash trees are a popular native tree species in the United States and are often planted as street or landscape trees. Ash trees are part of the Fraxinus genus and there are various species of ash trees in Colorado, including […]

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What to Do: Japenese Beetles in Colorado | Splintered Forest Tree Services

  If you’re noticing that the leaves on your plants suddenly look like a lacey skeleton, the issue may be Japanese beetles. On the front range of Colorado, Japanese beetles tend to strike in late June, July, and August. They […]

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Frank Beebe

Five Stars

Friendly, reliable, three trees removed, they were in and out in 45 minutes. Highly recommend them.

Christopher Young

Five Stars

Splintered Forest did a great job removing 2 very large trees in my backyard. They were very efficient and had the trees removed in 1/2 a day - which is probably due to the fact they had some amazing equipment (crane, trucks, etc.).

Justin Matheny

Five Stars

The crew was incredibly efficient, skilled and professional. Would highly recommend and use them again in the future.

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