Denver Tree Services Include Storm Cleanup

November 28, 2018

Frozen and broken tree limbs. Fallen branches storm debris removal.

As winter temperatures continue to drop, the more potential for storm damage shows on the horizon. Not only will these bothersome elements interrupt outdoor plans, force some early morning shoveling, and make for increasingly dangerous commutes – the storms can also cause damage to property depending on the severity. A combination of hard rains, hail, or snowfall softening the soil with strong winds can lead to downed trees both in and outside the city. Limbs and branches often become dislodged and weight plays a factor as well. If you happen to be the unfortunate victim of storm damage, Splintered Forest, a certified Denver tree service organization can help.


Not only can any degree of snowfall cause damage – especially combined with strong winds and large hail – but Denver’s heavier winter snow falls can do a lot of damage to your trees. The weight of the snow can easily bring down limbs and some branches or cause damage to a tree’s trunk structure.

Regardless of the cause, if you suspect damage the best thing is to receive a professional opinion on the necessary steps. The Splintered Forest crew can assist in evaluating and assessing possible damage while providing knowledgeable procedures for the next steps moving forward. Take a look at the branches of your trees and what sits beneath them. If you aren’t sure if the branch could support a lot of weight, or if it is situated above your home, garage, or car, you should take preventative actions and call Splintered Forest’s crew.


Whether the result is a mess of limbs, a few branches, or an entire tree – removal is made easier when professional help is available. Safety is extremely important and no home or business owner should risk their own health or causing further damage depending on each unique situation.


The Colorado State Forest Service offers some important tips to consider when hiring a tree contractor in their Storm Damage Quick Guide.

• Make sure they are part of an established business in the community with a listing in the phone book, usually under ‘Tree Service.’
• Ask to see current certificates of insurance showing that they are fully insured for property damage, personal liability and workers compensation.
• If possible, get more than one estimate to ensure that the price is competitive with that offered by others for the same services.
• In the case of tree removals, have a clear understanding about who removes the limbs and debris from the property, and whether the price includes stump removal and clean up.”

Businesses or groups should also be accredited by one or more of the following: American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), or the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).


If you are approaching the situation after damage has been assessed, an ultimate decision regarding the future of a damaged tree will be taken into account. Trees will either be kept, trimmed or pruned, put on hold to assess the severity of damage over time, or be removed completely.

Don’t be fooled by door-to-door salespeople armed with only a chainsaw expecting to profit from nature’s wrath. Let the certified professionals at Splintered Forest help with your tree and debris removal needs before they become a larger issue. The experts at Splintered Forest will be happy to provide you a free estimate for their services and can assist in a variety of ways. With offices in Denver and Evergreen, contact us today for any and all of your tree care needs. Submit photos of your trees online through our free virtual estimate to get an idea of how safe your space is.

For residents in Conifer Co tree services include professional tree care and clean up services.