Denver Tree Services: Mulch Benefits

October 23, 2018

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Mulch is typically comprised of decaying leaves, bark, wood, or compost but the term specifically refers to anything used as a groundcover to insulate and enrich the soil beneath. While gardeners use mulch commonly to assist with plant growth its uses spread far beyond the greenhouse and into the realm of both residential and commercial properties..

For these reasons mulch can have benefits almost anywhere around your home or office building. Whether you’re in need of an improved landscaping look or wanting to assist your plants in the growing process consider using mulch as a primary groundcover.

Tree specifically respond well to mulch around the trunk and its’ use should be immediately implemented when dealing with newly planted saplings. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “a newly planted trees best friend is mulch” and it offers the following extensive benefits.


The top cover of mulch above the ground serves to keep the soil underneath protected and regulated at all times. Instead of the immediate soil being impacted by extreme hot or cold temperatures the mulch keeps a more consistent temperature beneath the surface.


Mulch can also aid in the water retention from irrigation or natural rainfall. By avoiding water runoff, the tree or plants surrounded hold onto the received water keeping the roots of the mulched subjects plants constantly moist.


Another useful benefit of mulch is to aid in weed management. By providing a good cover over the ground, sunlight is restricted and weed growth can be minimized. Instead of constant spraying or weeding by hand, a full layer of mulch will do the trick.


Soil compaction is the process in which the ground becomes less susceptible to absorbing rainfall and water leading to possible erosion. Traffic of any kind over the affected area can lead to compaction but the mulch again serves as a protective barrier between the soil and different causes of possible compaction.


Just as the mulch provides a protective layer to prevent soil damage, it can also protect against your lawn mower and other machinery. Serving as a two-way purpose the mulched subject tree should not be in danger of the mower causing exposed root or bark damage and the mower will not be damaged by the tree as the mulched area presents a barrier for “personal space.”

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