Stump Grinding Advantages with Denver Tree Services

September 27, 2017

tree stump

Property views, whether from inside or as curb appeal, can quickly become unsightly if leftover tree stumps litter the yard. Trees are often felled for a variety of reasons and more often than not, the stump remnants are left to provide an immediate eye sore.

Not only will tree stumps cause immediate visual animosity but expect those feelings of contempt to only increase as weeds inevitably grow from among the former tree. Also, stumps produce tripping hazards for anyone enjoying the lawn while taking up necessary space.

Further, a new close to the ground environment has now been created for insects and other wildlife (i.e. snakes) to enjoy. The best idea is to get rid of such a damaging component in your yard immediately, but how?

Professional stump grinding provides the ultimate solution.


Do-it-yourself methods of removing tree stumps, even small ones, require some type of cost. An individual must either rent or purchase the tools necessary for removal in addition to any chemicals being administered.

Further, the time involved with most at-home methods expands the course of at least a month with no proven guarantee of even ridding the landscape of the desired stump. All of these in essence are associated in the cost of personal removal, not to mention the manual labor component – a totally separate subject.

Professional removal takes place quickly for one price with no assistance needed from the landowner. All things considered, knowing a one-stop-shop price for complete removal is an extremely more cost effective method for ridding your yard of any stumps.


Another area of concern versus personal removal revolves around safety. Even if an individual owns or can rent the necessary tools for ridding a yard of an unsightly stump, will he or she receive appropriate training? Are they also provided the recommended safety equipment? Will they use it?

Call a professional instead of taking matters into your own hands and jeopardizing the safety of you and your family. Professionally trained and outfitted with the proper safety gear, making the phone call is an easy decision when considering the dangers of tree removal.


Stump grinding produces a mulched component which can easily be repurposed anywhere on site. Instead of buying (another cost effective component) new mulch, let the process of stump disposal create a fresh ground covering provided by your own land.


Other methods of tree stump removal produce holes where the stump was originally located. Extra dirt must then be added to generate a useable surface without also beginning the remnants of another potential trip hazard on site.

Professional removal requires no extra soil or dirt and the memory of a stump will be all that remains.
If unsightly tree stumps are causing problems on your property then let the professionals at Splintered Forest help with your removal needs. The experts at Splintered Forest will be happy to provide you a free estimate for their services and can assist in a variety of ways. With offices in Denver and Evergreen, contact us today for any and all of your tree needs.

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