The Top Common Reasons for Tree Trimming in Denver

October 24, 2017

silhouette of arborist in a tree

Trees serve a variety of purposes depending on their location, maturity and upkeep. For many reasons they are often considered either beneficial or hazardous based on their current state. Good upkeep of the trees on one’s land can serve the owner for years to come but improper maintenance can cause detrimental circumstances. For these reasons proper tree trimming needs to take place on a consistent basis.

Ensuring the overall quality of the tree and reducing the risk of breaking limbs, tree trimming can provide a variety of benefits. Further consideration will limit falls and other hazards during inclement weather. Making certain that those trees looming near buildings, roadways and fences are both safe and strong is extremely important.

Following are some common reasons to incorporate a strategy for proper tree trimming when a situation arises.


One of the most common reasons for thinning a tree’s structure is based solely on appearance purposes. Landowners may wish to open up a particular area for more natural light or clear a view by trimming trees that are current obstructions.

Depending on the type of tree and usefulness, trimming can be beneficial by creating a more pleasing and desired appearance. For example, if using trees to provide a border or cover unsightly objects, trimming can help formulate a more uniform look to the property or landscape.


A less used reason but one that is just as important is for the overall health of the tree. Thinning the tree can result in increased air flow and sun exposure benefitting tree health. By extending the life of a tree its’ natural instinct and usefulness can be capitalized.

Often if a tree becomes the subject of disease or hazard, trimming can help alleviate any issues. For mature trees these diseases often only inhabit a portion of the entire unit and can be saved by eliminating only the diseased portion.

New trees should also be trimmed regularly to help manage the tree shape as it matures. Early consideration for a tree’s’ health will be beneficial down the road.


Fruit trees need proper care in order to maintain a productive crop. As time passes if fruit trees are not cared for properly their crop production will decline considerably. However, proper tree trimming will allow for a bountiful harvest year after year. Learn more about training and pruning fruit trees.


Trees can be extremely dangerous under certain circumstances. Those trees that become overgrown, blocking views at intersections or on highways need to be given special consideration. By trimming these back proper sightlines will be maintained.

Further, trimming can help eliminate dead branches that may fall causing damage to the surrounding areas. If a tree is causing imminent danger, immediate care should be applied.

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