Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy and When to Use Denver Tree Services

October 5, 2016

tree trunk

Gorgeous trees around your home are a great way to help increase its value and maintain an aesthetically pleasing exterior. In order to maintain this quality, you want to be sure to care for your trees. Learn some helpful tips to maintain their quality and when to look to Denver tree services to help:


When certain areas of a tree are damaged or diseased, pruning can help. Pruning is the process of removing specific parts of a tree, such as branches, to help the overall health of the tree. It will prevent further issues with your trees such as falling branches, diseases and much more. While pruning, it is critical to be cautious and careful. You do not want to further injure a tree by using improper techniques. By tackling this task properly, you will help your tree’s overall growth and allow it to flourish! Pruning can also be done to keep the tree below a certain height, change the shape, or to help general growth increase. Learn more about pruning mature trees to help you understand the proper methods. If you have large, tall trees, you will always want to defer to the to professionals as it is very important not to over prune your trees.

Routine Maintenance

Throughout the year there are a few habits you can get into to help keep your trees healthy. First, add new mulch every spring. You do not need much, just a few inches, as too much mulch can have a negative effect. Updating mulch will help the soil where the tree is rooted. Next, as with anything, don’t overdo it with the water. Typically, normal weather conditions are fine for fully-grown trees. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on the specific types of trees you have and how much water and fertilizer they will need to flourish. If you live in an area that does not get enough water, then consider watering more to maintain proper health. Your local tree service can help you determine the right schedule or make recommendations specific to your needs.

Professional Safety

When it comes to pruning, trimming or other care services for trees, handling these tasks on your own can be overwhelming or even dangerous. A professional not only knows and understands the needs of your tree, but also has the equipment to care for it properly. They can safely perform routine maintenance at high elevations. By trusting a professional with your tree, you can be confident they know exactly what is needed to maintain the tree’s health and reduce the risk of storm damage to your home.

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