When Is It Time For Professional Denver Tree Services?

October 19, 2016

cute trees in a pile

If you don’t know much about tree maintenance, how do you know when it’s time to call a company that offers tree services in Denver? There may be some small tree trimming jobs that can be handled without the help of a pro, but these 4 situations definitely require a helping hand:

Trees are growing near power lines.
It’s never a good idea to try to trim trees growing near a power line without the help of professionals. If the tree makes contact with the power line, it cannot only cause an electrical outage for you and your neighbors, but it can electrocute, too. Before you begin to trim your trees, make sure you are not cutting anywhere near a power line.

You don’t have the equipment.
Professionals use pole saws, clippers, handsaws and shears to trim and remove trees. Many homeowners don’t have these tools at their home, so they try to make do with whatever they can find in their garage. But, keep in mind that this is not a safe practice, so if you don’t have the equipment on hand, call a professional tree service. When you get help from a professional, you gain access to their tools and years of training and experience.

Trees are getting too close for comfort.
Are your trees inching closer and closer to you or your neighbor’s home every day? This is one of the most obvious signs you need the help of a professional. Trees are heavy, so when one of their branches or the entire tree falls onto a home, it can cause severe damage that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. If this does happen to you or your neighbor’s house, guess who is liable for the expense? (Hint: it’s not the tree.) Call a professional as soon as possible to see if your tree needs to be trimmed or removed altogether to avoid issues like this in the future.

You want to remove a tree.
Speaking of tree removal, you should always contact a professional when this needs to be done. Besides the level of difficulty involved with removing trees, you may not even realize a tree you want taken out is entangled with cables and pipes underground. If you try to remove the tree without the help of a pro tree service in Denver, you may damage the cables and pipes. A professional will be able to find and mark where the lines are underground before removing the tree to prevent damage. Learn more about avoiding conflict between tree roots and underground cables.

If you do need professional Denver tree services, do you know who to call? Splintered Forest is a leading fire mitigation and tree service business serving the mountain communities and Denver and we are committed to delivering the best service in the industry. Brad Huddleston, the owner, has been in the business for 13 years and started operating as Splintered Forest in 2004. The crew has grown to include ISA Certified Arborists, experienced tree climbers and expert tree fellers. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate.