Denver Tree Service Reveals Potential Winter Weather Damages

January 17, 2018

snowy tree

Winter weather can be both beautiful and hazardous at the same time. The snowfall covering a landscape can create unreal scenes that are often difficult to duplicate as Mother Nature blankets the ground, plants and trees with frozen precipitation. Unfortunately, this serene environment is also accompanied by harsh travel conditions and the ill effects snow and ice can have to both man made and natural items.

Snow and ice can create power outages leaving individuals hoping for warmth in the bitter cold. A definite downfall to the picturesque scene painted above but one that occurs on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Not only can winter weather appear in the form of snow and ice, but extreme temperatures and excessive wind is typically also a component of the forcast. These conditions not only have an effect on everyday lives but can also damage the trees around your home.

Increased Weight

The weight of both snow and ice on tree limbs can cause their structural integrity to weaken. When this occurs the branch may succumb to the increased weight and part from the trunk of the tree. A variety of factors determine when this is a potential hazard, most notably the health of a tree prior to experiencing the winter weather. A healthy tree is more apt to support the weight of any snow or ice whereas a dead tree limb cannot hold near the same amount of weight.

Careful examination should be given to the path of branches in and around your home, especially any that may be over power lines, garages, carports, the home itself or other structures. Any of these conditions could spell disaster at the first sign of winter weather should a branch giveway to the weight of winter’s precipitation.


Cold, dry, air affects plants and trees much the same as it does humans. Needing moisture to survive, trees can become increasingly dry during the winter months faced with cold conditions and exposed to the elements. In evergreens especially, their needles can become brown and begin to fall off when not receiving an appropriate amount of water to survive. While some steps can be taken to offer winter protection, prior planning is one of the best ideas.

If you’re in need of a winter weather preparedness inspection or just want to ensure you’ve done everything possible to protect those you love, possessions, and the environment – let the certified professionals at Splintered Forest help. They can assist with any and all of your tree trimming and debris removal needs, including items other than foliage if the situation warrants. Hauling and removal of both limbs and appliances, in addition to skid steer services are all offered by the trained professionals willing and ready to assist you. The experts at Splintered Forest will be happy to provide you a free estimate for their services and can aid in a variety of ways. With offices in Denver and Evergreen, contact us today for any and all of your tree care needs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents