Conifer CO Tree Services: Tips For the Winter Season Tree Care

November 30, 2016

blank and white tree

Every season brings new challenges for your trees, and winter is no exception. Now that the cold weather is upon us, it’s time to learn how to care for your trees during the winter season. Here are some tips from Splintered Forest, your go-to Conifer, CO tree service:


Avoid Salt When Possible

If snow or ice starts to accumulate around the base of your trees, your instinct may be to throw some salt on top of the pile. But, salt can damage your tree more than the ice or snow can, so it’s best to leave these areas alone.


Avoid the Impulse to Shake Branches

When you see ice beginning to build up on your tree’s branches, resist the urge to shake those branches! Ice can cause your tree’s branches to become brittle, therefore even a gentle shake could cause the branch to snap. If ice is collecting on top of your tree’s branches, don’t take any action, but if snow is building up, try to gently sweep it off using your (gloved) hands or a broom.


Use Mulch When Possible

Trees receive water from their roots, but when the ground begins to freeze as temperatures drop, the water supply can essentially be cut off. If the tree is no longer able to obtain water from the roots, it won’t be able to survive. Don’t let this happen to your trees during the winter! Prepare for the cold months by hydrating your tree’s roots before temperatures begin to plummet. How? Put mulch around the base of your trees. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture, which will come in handy when the water supply begins to dwindle during the winter.


Prune Early

Because branches are more vulnerable during the winter, it’s important to be proactive during the end of the fall season. Work with a tree services company that can identify which branches will be at risk during the winter. The tree professional can prune back these branches to protect your tree all season long.


Protect Against Animals

Mice and rabbits may begin to feed on your tree’s bark during the winter when it’s more difficult for them to find food elsewhere. There are a number of repellants you can apply directly to your tree to protect it from animals, but if you don’t want to use chemicals, there are some natural alternatives. To keep pests out, buy tree trunk mesh from your local hardware store and wrap it around the base of the trunk. Learn more about how to protect a tree trunk with mesh.


Do you need help prepping your trees for winter? Splintered Forest is a leading tree service business proudly serving residents in the mountain communities. The owner, Brad Huddleston, has been in the tree service industry for over 13 years and started operating as Splintered Forest in 2004. The crew has grown over the years to include ISA Certified Arborists, experienced tree climbers and expert tree fellers to offer our customers the best service possible. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate.