Tree Removal in Denver: When Is It Time to Make the Call?

October 24, 2016

green trees

Are you wondering whether it’s time to remove that tree in your yard that seems to be days away from falling over? How can you tell when it’s time to call for a tree removal in Denver and the surrounding Colorado areas? Look for these signs, and call Splintered Forest Tree Services if you have any questions:

Trunk damage.
If there is damage to the trunk, this usually means there is some amount of internal decay. Look for signs of trunk damage such as vertical cracks and dead branch stubs that may indicate it’s time to call for a tree removal. See how far around the trunk the damage spreads. If it spreads to more than 25% of the circumference of the trunk, there is no point in saving the tree. However, if it is less than 25%, the tree may gradually heal on its own over time, so it’s not necessary to contact a tree service professional just yet.

Take a step back and look at the entire tree to determine whether it’s standing straight or leaning in either direction. If it is leaning, this indicates the trunk has been weakened by decay on one side. These trees are potentially dangerous, since they can fall all the way over at any second and hurt your car, house or even an innocent bystander. When you notice a tree leaning, it’s likely time to call for a tree removal.

When you spot a mushroom growing in the shade of a tree, this does not necessarily mean you will need to remove the tree. But, if you notice a large amount of fungi growing up the trunk of the tree, this could be a sign the tree is rotting internally. It’s best to call a tree service professional in to take a closer look at the damage and determine whether you need to have it completely removed.

If you notice sprouts or small branches beginning to grow near the base of the tree’s trunk, it could be a sign that the tree is under stress. Just like humans, trees can exhibit physical signs of stress in extreme circumstances. This is especially common in trees that have recently experienced a change in their environment. For example, if a new home was constructed on the property and other trees were removed in the process, this tree could be exposed to much more sunlight than usual. You should have a professional come take a look to make that determination for you. Learn about helping trees manage stress.

If you do need a tree removal in Denver, who should you call? Splintered Forest is a leading fire mitigation and tree removal business serving the mountain communities and committed to delivering the best service in the industry. Brad Huddleston, the owner, has been in the business for 13 years and started operating as Splintered Forest in 2004. The crew has grown to include ISA Certified Arborists, experienced tree climbers and expert tree fellers. Contact the team at Splintered Forest today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate for your tree removal needs.

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